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Underground Wire Locators in Mankato, MN

Nowadays, finding underground wire locators in Mankato, MN is not an intimidating task as it seems. Why? Because we have the technology required for a professional and effective underground wire locator with advanced frequency capabilities. We make it easy for you by offering a full range of these state-of-the-art locators to fit your needs!

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What Do Locators Do?

Based on your needs, our underground wire locators in Mankato, MN perform a wide variety of tasks in order to help you get the job done quickly and as safely as possible. What these locators do is rely on the target having a signal placed on them which is then detected by a receiver within the locator. Many utilities transmit a signal when lines are energized and, in many cases, each line has a different signal that easily distinguishes between different lines. In cases where lines aren’t marked, many wire tracers are able to induce a signal onto the line using a transmitter in order to find it. Generally, the target must be metallic in order to transmit the signal.

What To Consider When Locator Is In Use

Usually, all of our underground wire locators in Mankato, MN are designed to be very user-friendly, giving you control and mode options that adjust to the setting that you need, so signals aren’t distorted or give you an accurate signal. However, there are some things to consider when a locator is in use, such as:

  • Is the locator being used primarily for finding lines or pipes underground or inside a wall?
  • Is the frequency suited for the materials used in the pipes and lines to be located?
  • Will the unit be used more for active or passive locating?
  • Will you be needing any additional accessories, such as signal clamps or clips?
underground wire locators

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Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional locating contractor, we have the tools for you to quickly identify pipes, cables, and other utility lines with our underground wire locators in Mankato, MN! Give our electricians a call today!


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